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Read guides and information about baseball and softball products. find out how to select the right glove or bat or how to break in a glove.

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This articles attempts to give a brief explanation of what BBCOR means and why it has been introduced. An in depth explanation of the formulae used is beyond the scope of this article and those interested in learning more should undertake their own research.



As Aluminium bats evolved with higher performance metals, 2 piece construction and composite materials it became necessary to rate them in terms of how the ball accelerated off the bat. Were pitchers being put in danger by the speed the ball was coming off the bat and would they have enough time to react to a ball hit directly back at them? This was the question...

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NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment is an organisation that has formed test standards for various sports helmets, face masks and headgear.

If a hemlmet has been submitted and meets the testing standard then its manufacturer is allowed to put the NOCSAE logo on the item. This is usually mounded into the item at the rear.

For full details visit the NOCSAE web site  http://www.nocsae.org/index.html


Note: NOCSAE certification will not prevent injuries, it means the item has been tested to a standard.

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Wood bat model numbers

October 31st, 2011


Have you ever wondered what the model numbers mean on wood bats?

Wood bats have model numbers such as C271, C243 or  P72. These model numbers are the turning, or machining, profile of the bat. They relate to things such as taper, diameter, length of handle and knob. In other words it is the shape of the bat. The model number is printed on the bat. Most manufacturers use the same model numbers.


The model number may also contain prefixes and suffixes which provide additional information such as the type of wood and the finish. These are not usually printed on the bat

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Choosing the right glove



This is a general guide, individual preferences come into play when selecting a glove.


The type of glove you end up buying will also be determined by the position and sport you play (baseball or softball). Softball gloves are generally bigger for teens and adults to cater for the bigger ball. As well as being bigger, the majority of softballers prefer a closed web. Generally when trying gloves you have an idea in mind. It is important to know that comfort and feel will always override the generalised guide on what you should buy. 










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