Louisville Slugger Xeno 13 inch Fastpitch Glove Left Throw

Louisville Slugger Xeno 13 inch Fastpitch Glove Left Throw
Brand: Louisville Slugger
Product Code: FGXN14-BK130-LHT
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Thanks to its track record of superior performance, Xeno is the most trusted name in Fastpitch bats. Louisville Slugger wanted to bring that same level of professional construction and proven reliability to Fastpitch gloves.

We built the Xeno Fastpitch glove combining professional design with best-in-class premium-grade leather, for longer-lasting durability and a shape that'll hold true season after season. Using premium leather and soft lining for comfort also means the Xeno glove is game-ready right off the shelf.

- Premium-grade leather for superior durability
- Soft lining provides enhanced feel
- Top Fastpitch patterns

Ultimate Durability
Using premium-grade leather gives the Xeno durability you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the market.

Enhanced Feel
Perforated palm lining gives the Xeno a superior comfort and feel, from the very first time you slip it on.

Professional Patterns
The Xeno is designed with top professional patterns to show you mean business on the field.

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